Poem – Zena

I’ve had various dogs, all of them free –
this time I said “it’s a pedigree.”
Brought her home at seven weeks,
huge floppy ears and enormous feet.
Ungainly, shy, too big for some,
no hint of the beauty she was to become.

First bed was a cardboard carton –
she chewed that up with wild abandon.
Next, an old suitcase with lid removed,
she loved this, and how she chewed.
Outgrew the case, a wooden box was made,
big enough, we hoped and prayed.

Started her off at obedience class,
learned which tests she had to pass.
So very quick that bitch of mine,
learned everything in double quick time.
I got hooked on this obedience lark,
rosettes on the wall looked ever so smart.
She always knew when she’d done well,
bright eyes laughing, she could tell.

When she got to one year old,
another Shepherd came, he was so bold.
One year later she became his wife,
and so began 9 weeks of strife!
Had to have a caesarian of course,
only 3 pups lived, could have been worse.

“No more” said I, and she was spayed,
once more the vet had to be paid.
I kept one pup, so much like she,
couldn’t resist him, so now I had three.
She lost her mate when she was four,
now only two to take for a walk.

Continued obedience, wouldn’t you know,
she was placed in an Open show.
I was so proud she was in the cards,
because she’d really tried so hard.

I went on holiday,
and on return, to my dismay,
A kidney infection had damaged her heart,
two weeks later we had to part.
She died in my arms, thought my heart would break,
six years old is too young to take.
The anger, then desolation was so bad,
would I ever get over feeling so sad.

Time heals all wounds the experts say,
maybe it will one of these days.
In the meantime, now with her son,
life goes on, and I’m down to one.
Only memories now remain,
life without her just isn’t the same.
I’m sure in the future I will have more,
eagerly pulling me through the front door.
But there will never be another “Zee,”
I will never forget my first G.S.D

18th December 1978 – 13th May 1985

  • Judy Brown

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