Reading – A Dog’s Prayer

O Lord of all creatures, grant that man, my master,
be as faithful to others as I am to him.

Make him as loving towards his family and friends
as I am loving to him.
Grant that he may guard with honesty
the good things with which Thou has endowed him
as honestly as I guard his.
Give him, O Lord, a happy and ready smile,
as happy and spontaneous as the wagging of my tail.
Make him as ready to show gratitude
as I am eager to lick his hand.
Give him patience as great as mine
when I await his return without complaining.
Grant him my courage and my readiness to sacrifice all for him,
even my own life.
May he possess my youthful spirit and joy of thought.
O Lord of all creatures, as I am in truth only a dog,
may my master always be truly a man.

  • Author unknown

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